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July 21, 2011

Ironic behavior

Filed under: Irony — Numbat @ 19:47

Last Monday’s staff meeting was the same as usual, but what really struck me this time was the behavior of the staff.  A very good proportion of the staff were behaving in such a way that would cause them to have conniptions if their students were to do the same thing.

This got me to thinking about all the ways in which teachers ask their students to do things that most of them wouldn’t dream of doing themselves.  I watched with interest as most had either their mobile phones out (verboten for our students) or were either ebay-ing or facebook-ing on their laptops.

I know what 99% of those involved would say if they were asked.  They would say that they didn’t want to be there, that they were bored, that the subject matter was irrelevant to them and that they just couldn’t wait till the meeting was over and they were out of there.

I wonder how many of those same teachers would see the irony in either their behavior, their responses, or both?


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