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February 22, 2012

SBG from the Trenches

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So I’m full swing into my first year of SBG, it’s the third week of the year and I’ve managed two concept tests with two of my classes and have the other class scheduled for their second test shortly.

I am finding that the younger students (Year 7 and 8) seem ok with it (perhaps they haven’t been too heavily indoctrinated into the alternative) but my Year 11 class is very resistant. I am trying new things in the classroom as well to align my classroom practice with SBG and this is also causing me some grief. It seems that these students (Year 11 General Maths) are even less comfortable with change than some of the staff.

On the subject of the staff, overall I think that SBG has been received well. There are those who see it as a whole lot of work for no reason (thankfully in the minority) but mostly the staff see it as a positive and other staff are reporting their students are happier with the idea.

The biggest issue my Year 11’s have is that I’m not interested in the “yard of work”. They want me to tell them do Ex 3B Questions 1 to 7 left hand side. This is what they’re used to, they will then have something to aim for and they will have pages of worked questions (or hastily copied answers) to which they can point and say “Look, I’ve done my work” (or not as the case may be).

I am reaching for something more than squiggles on pages. I’m telling them “Look, do a couple of questions, if they’re easy and you understand them then skip to the harder stuff. If you’ve got this concept nailed, go back to those concepts you don’t understand and brush up on those.”.

Perhaps I’m aiming too high, but at the moment giving the students this freedom to work at their own pace and set their own goals is too far removed from the norm for them that they simply can’t cope.

Hopefully this will change soon.



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